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Multi-Artist, Creative Director & Visual Storyteller

Alejandra Rodriguez is a multi-artist, creative director, and visual storyteller based in Orange County. With eight years of experience in live sets and multimedia production, she has developed a deep understanding of the power of visual storytelling through collaboration and passion projects.


Alejandra discovered her passion for creative expression at a young age. She knew she loved to create, but wasn't sure which direction to take until she started making mini music videos and movies with her cousins using a slider phone during her pre-teen years. It was then that she realized she loved directing the vision.


At age 18, she directed her first live production. Most of her experience comes from working alongside professionals who have produced many live productions. Collaborating with seasoned experts allowed Alejandra to gain invaluable knowledge, refine her craft, and build meaningful connections.


Alejandra's portfolio showcases a wide range of work, from branding to immersive visual experiences. Her strong belief in visual storytelling is the driving force behind transforming ideas into captivating visual stories. With her knowledge and experience, she hopes to inspire the next generation of creatives.

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